Friday, June 29, 2007

Transformers and other things!

Here it is, the end of week one. I can't believe I've made it one week... well almost one complete week here. I guess i am forgetting that I lost a day when I traveled here. Anyway, this week has been really eye opening. There are many things that I have seen here, that make me realize how much I take for granted in the States. So I am glad to say that my mindset is transforming. I can't wait for what else this trip has in store for me.

Today we went to the slums. Talk about eating a piece of humble pie. I have never seen people who live in such sad conditions be so joyful about life. It made me realize how bratty I can be when I am the least bit uncomfortable. These people were stopping all they were doing just to catch a glimpse of us Americans. They would rush out of their houses to say hi. We also got to visit a school that has been a recent addition. This school was a part of a ministry who reaches out to the community in the slums. The children were SO CUTE!! They played, sang and danced around all because they had new visitors. I am so glad to see the gospel being taught to this community. I was also glad to see these children receive an education... so that they did not have to stay in the slums forever.

On a lighter and completely random note, I saw the new Transformers movie last night. Incredible. Completely incredible. I think my favorite part was watching all of the guys we went with and their excitement when the movie was over. It was a great night.

Anyway, I think its time for dinner.... I have finally adjusted to the 12 hour time difference :) Thanks for reading. I'll update again soon.

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