Friday, May 7, 2010

Ask and you shall receive

God really answers prayers!

Today, I received a text from a friend who teaches ESL to Japanese and Korean students. Her school needed a person to teach a class for the month of May and she immediately thought to recommend ME!

Ah! I've never really taught before... outside of leading Bible studies and speaking at our Student Ministry Team training seminars. So I'll be coming up with lesson plans and taking these students through conversational english and teaching about the LA area.

This is awesome!

If you have ideas for me or would like to give ANY input at all, please please please leave comments.

As always, please keep me in prayer. Pray for my lesson planning, ability to be a friend with these students and for my time with them. Pray that God would be using me to impact these lives and His kingdom!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still in process...

A friend of mine sent me a message and asked me about what God had been doing in my life lately. I felt really cliche´when I told her that God was teaching me how to trust in Him more. I feel like that is a lesson He NEVER stops teaching... sometimes, we (or at least I) feel like there is a point in the lesson where the conclusion has been reached and there is no longer a need for teaching...

I went into Aerie to pick up my schedule today and was greeted with one shift this week... I already knew of this, but was secretly hoping that I had an extra shift somewhere on the schedule. When I inquired why this was still happening, I was informed that new hires all have to wait out a 90-day probationary period where they receive one or two shifts a week in order to prove themselves worthy of working more hours. Hmm...

Here's where trusting God comes back into play. I realize that when I was hired at Aerie, I immediately stopped looking for jobs. I took my resume offline, discontinued all of the job update emails I had been receiving and was completely convinced that this was it. I no longer needed anything and that God had completely met my need. God was done working.

I'm learning that God isn't through with this process yet. He's teaching me a lot about what it means to trust Him, to seek His kingdom first and how to be in the present season where He has led me.

Please continue to pray for me. Pray that I would trust that where I am is exactly where God Himself has placed me and that I would continue to have an open/soft heart to receive what He has to teach me.