Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I made it!!!

Well I guess this is the update you are looking for! After 21 hours of flying, I have finally made it to the Philippines! Currently, I am staying in Manila. We are getting adjusted to culture and the way of life out here. Last night, we found out that our group is splitting up and going to various places around the three islands to do ministry. As exciting as that can be, it is really sad to split up. We have been having fun getting to know one another and now we will be splitting in a few days. I will be doing ministry here in Manila around the Nav Headquarters.

The flight here was long but it was good. They fed us two meals and gave us a few movies to watch. So far, things have been going good. I am glad to be here and excited for all the challenges/experiences.

I will hopefully update again soon. Thanks for reading!

Ps, pray for the Crouchs. I love you guys.

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