Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking Back & Looking Ahead

I can't believe the first month of 2011 is already almost over! Time seriously has been flying by. I think I've spent most of 2011 under the weather, so hopefully the rest of this year will be a healthy one.

This past Saturday, I was BLESSED to host our Student Ministry Team retreat at my house. During the time, we spent a little while reflecting what we saw God "do" during 2010. I will definitely say this time was my highlight of this year so far.

What we saw:

Mirsa, a freshman, started hanging out with The Navigators, started walking with Christ and has read all of the Bible in just a couple of months.

Athena shared Christ with a professor and is planning to read the Bible with him this semester.

Caitlin and Cherenda led two international student women to Christ and have been walking alongside them, helping them grow in their faith.

Twenty-eight international students from fourteen different countries came to our bonfire... just a few days after we prayed for God to continue to lead us to people from different nations

Justin has been able to read the Bible with two international students and has led one of them to Christ.

Rachel prayed for God to give her one person to pray for in class... this led to a professor sharing his beliefs and journey in reading the Bible from a literary standpoint in class. She now has someone to pray for and to have conversations with about Christ.

Melissa was able to share with a friend and help her to seriously start walking with Christ.

Andrew trusted God for an opportunity to naturally share about his love for Jesus and God allowed for a conversation to happen with a friend who would not have otherwise listened.

"We have a personal ministry because that is the patten Jesus set," said by my teammate, Josh. It has been exciting to walk alongside these students at CSULB who are actively engaging in personal ministry and following in the patterns of Christ. I'm looking forward to what God will bring in 2011.