Sunday, July 1, 2007

Send me, I'll go.

So it looks like I am finally starting what I've been sent here to do. Tomorrow starts my time of ministry out here in Manila. It looks like every day (except Thursdays) are going to be extremely busy. On Mondays, we have prayer meetings that start 7am and last until noon. Then we head out to our college campus, P.U.P where we start our ministry. Hopefully, we will be able to meet up with a few of the girls we have already met. Tuesday and Wednesdays are spent at P.U.P and Thursdays are our day off. Fridays, we prepare snacks, help out with the high school bible study and then meet up with the Young Professional bible study afterwards. Saturdays, we have people over ALL DAY, then the YP's come back for their dance ministry. Yep, every Saturday, I get to dance the night away on the rooftop!! Perfect for me!!! This past Saturday, we did the Tango and a bit of Salsa. I have no idea whats in store for next weekend, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

So far, things are good, but a bit overwhelming. I'm realizing again how shy I actually can be. I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone by reaching out to people who are a completely different culture from me. Not only that, there can be a language barrier at times. Pray that I can adjust soon and be excited to work with the Filipinos I will be encountering.

In 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, Paul talks about how he did not come boldly to share the gospel. He came only because of the strength of Christ. He realizes that nothing else matters but Christ crucified. Our "catch phrase" here is "Pure Gospel". Simply put, its the simple and amazing fact that Christ came as our Savior. He gave up His perfect life to save our imperfect lives by dying on the cross. Not only that, He defeated death, and rose again. Nothing else matters. If Paul could resolve that nothing else mattered, than I guess I can as well. Pray for me. Pray that I would resolve to know nothing else but the Pure Gospel. Its a beautiful love story that completely changed my life. It set me free from the bondage of sin. Pray that I boldly spread that message of Christ. Pray that the power of God would work so powerfully in me. If He has the power to do all that He has, then He can and will work powerfully through me. Thank you for reading. I'll update again really soon.


gbeckers6 said...

You are in my prayers and thoughts everyday! I am completely thrileld that you are able to have this experience!! Take care and God Bless!

spartacus21 said...

at first i was thining salsa like what you have with chips! haha. love you boo boo