Monday, January 25, 2010

Attempting Joshua 1:9 today...

While sitting at my desk this morning, I started thinking about the title of my blog and the verse that I have along with it... I find it ironic that I feel the way I feel at this moment. I decided to take a break and update you with some new things going on with me and ministry here at CSULB.

Spring semester started today and I'm excited to reconnect with my friends on campus. I'm looking forward to hearing how the Lord was at work in the lives of everyone while they went home or visited other places around the world during their break from Long Beach. While I am excited to catch up, I'm a bit saddened by the realization that part of my time will be diminishing very quickly. My funding has not been going very well and last week I was asked to start looking for a part-time job. I will be working part-time with the Navigators at CSULB and part-time somewhere else. Looking at this situation, I can only praise God that I'm able to still be on campus and meeting up with people who are very dear to my heart. I'm thankful that I have been given the option to work, make new friendships in Long Beach, and to take the time to continue building up my team of financial partners.

I was a senior in college the last time I filled out a job application. I downloaded one for Starbucks the other day and immediately had to walk away from my computer. Emotion overwhelmed me at the thought of partitioning my time to a place that isn't Long Beach's campus and isn't collegiate ministry. In all of this... I remember Joshua 1:9. I'm reminded that I have nothing to fear. Actually, throughout the book of Joshua, there are numerous examples of the LORD going before Israel and fighting on their behalf. He cleared the land for them and brought them into the Promised Land they had heard of for so long. I cannot see my situation as anything different. I must remember that God is going before me, fighting for me to find a job and will provide if or when things look absolutely hopeless. If I rest in His grace, then I truly have nothing to fear. I also must remember that this is a season and that seasons are temporary. God does not simply move in a direction that is hard/challenging only to leave us there floundering on our own strength. We go through those time to be tested, refined and made into someone stronger. We seek the LORD in these times so that we can know whom it is we truly serve. God works in these times to see what is in our hearts and to see if we will remain obedient to Him... at least, this is what I believe for my life. So if this is the season that I'm going into, so be it. The LORD is in control and I must remember that.

Will you partner with me in this? Will you please be praying for me as I look for a second job while ministering on campus? If you would like to invest in me and the ministry at CSULB, would you talk to me? I'd love to partner with you in reaching people on campus for Jesus while impacting our future generations.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9

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