Monday, April 26, 2010

Aerie :)

I should update...

I got a part-time job!! The LORD blessed me with employment at Aerie in the Cerritos Mall. Aerie is a store with the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and specializes in bras & undies :) Sounds fun. I had my first day yesterday and not only met all of the goals set for me, but exceeded them. As my shift went on, I became more comfortable about approaching customers and helping out as much as possible. I'm looking forward to continuing to work there. This provides an opportunity to further ministry and make new friends that I wouldn't ordinarily have the chance to make. I'm so blessed to be working in this store and amongst the girls I'm with.

It's funny to me that as I am thankful for this part-time job, I still find myself feeling a bit anxious. This job is definitely needed, but receiving hours is not something that has been happening for me. I learned yesterday that sales associates receive hours based on how well they perform while working and how available their schedule is. So with my good day on Sunday, I'm hoping that next week I'll be granted with more shifts. So far... I've only received one 5-hour shift (which was yesterday) and I'm beginning to feel anxious about bills. I guess this shows me as soon as I received my one answer to the many fervent prayers that I (and many of you) have prayed, I assumed that from here on out, everything was going to be easy. Once again I'm reminded of how desperately I must cling to the LORD for my provision in all things. Just because He has provided for me (and this was a huge blessing) does not mean I do not need Him anymore. I must daily look to Him and also trust in Him.

Thank you for continuing to pray with & for me in this battle of finances... and in this battle of trusting God.

Please keep praying:
  • For God to be glorified through the work at Aerie and in me
  • For the women with whom I work: That they would know Jesus and find life...Proverbs 14:27 "The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death."
  • That I would continue to trust and see God provide for all my needs
  • For more shifts at Aerie... not just for my finances but also to build relationships with the ladies around me.
  • That I would continue to see God provide in abundant and unexpected ways.

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